Honest, Professional, Aggressive…

These are just a few of the words our clients have used to describe Attorney Brian T. Berry, and there’s nothing we love more than hearing that we truly helped. Below are some real testimonials from a few of our past clients.


Real, Honest, and Good.

Mr. Berry was appointed by the court to defend my son. I was skeptical as I have never had a good experience with court appointed attorneys. He listened to our concerns, and took a genuine interest in my son's best interest. Mr. Berry never made us feel like we were inconveniencing him with our questions and answered everything in a way we could follow. The outcome was 100% more positive than I expected. I have told everyone how wonderful Mr. Berry was in his professionalism, and thorough and concerned nature, I recommend Mr. Berry and will be contacting him should the need arise in the future. Sandra K.*


Landlord Medical Office Lease Dispute

I retained Mr. Berry to negotiate with my landlord a fair and just resolution to my ordeal. Three months into my lease as a physician, I realized that my landlord was not honoring his end of the contract with respect to improvements in the suite I leased from him for 3 years.

Initially, Mr. Berry attempted to enforce the contract terms by negotiating with my landlord's counsel. Upon realizing that our good will was being met with hostility, Brian shifted gears and asked for me to be released from my lease. The landlord attempted to threaten me with a variety of measures aimed at intimidating me into dropping my request.

Attorney Brian Berry not only got me out of my lease without any owed money on my end, but he also threatened to seek damages against my landlord to the degree that my landlord's counsel requested that I sign a document releasing my landlord of any liability and that I would not seek damages against him once he releases me from my lease.

Mr. Berry is an honest, fair, ethical, and respected Attorney who will negotiate on your behalf the best possible outcome. He is also a fierce litigator and will be very aggressive when the situation demands it. I would not hesitate to retain his services should the need arise again.


Recommendation for Brian T Berry

Attorney Brian T. Berry was my professor for Business Law and Legal Environment in Henry Ford College, Dearborn, MI. He was an excellent professor who really cared about his students. Recently, I went to him for legal advice he was really helpful and promptly responded and was very helpful. I would highly recommend him as an attorney. Maleka*


Commercial Building and Business Closing

I am a commercial Realtor and my client used Brian Berry to review a purchase agreement another lawyer put together. He had my clients best interest in mind and revamped the agreement so it was a win-win for both sides. The most important thing from my end is we closed on the deal with very little issue. Brian is easy to get a hold of, fair and great to deal with. I will recommend him! Eric*


A Sincere Thank You to Brian T. Berry

I have employed the services of Mr. Berry after being with other Law Firms for both Civil and one criminal matter. Brian is truly different from the rest. He is incredibly professional, courteous, and thorough from the very beginning of every matter I have brought to him. Thoroughness is a characteristic that I found other Lawyers lacked and which can make the difference in the outcome coming in your favor. From Landlord Tenant issues ( I am a Landlord), to Business matters like civil litigation ( I am a business owner), to dealing with insurance companies (My son was in a car accident in 2013), having Brian on my side made the process that much easier and ultimately beneficial to my goals. Most recently, I referred a family member to Brian for a criminal matter. The end result after that family member came to Brian: a fair result and a good conclusion to her case to what seemed to be a dire situation from the onset. Brian did not give her false hope (as two prior lawyers did, to simply be retained), or over promise and under deliver. Brian analyzed the case, told here what he knew he can do, and went to work! In conclusion, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Brian T. Berry. A lawyer you want on your team when life throws you a curve ball. Anonymous*
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