Civil Litigation

Upholding Obligations: Civil Litigation Services in Allen Park, MI 

Civil Litigation Attorney Allen Park MI | Law Offices of Brian T. Berry - practice-areas-civil-litigation-law-booksIf a Large Company has Done You Wrong, Restitution May Seem Like a Lost Cause

Big firms invariably have teams of lawyers with extensive experience defending them against the most ironclad accusations. At best, you may expect a small settlement; at worst, you’ll waste time and money on the case but have nothing to show for it. With such long odds, why bother? The Law Offices of Brian T. Berry has a knack for overcoming the longest odds. Our civil litigation team knows all the tactics that corporate attorneys use, and has no trouble neutralizing them.

No matter how experienced the opposition may be, we can get you the compensation you deserve.

Don’t Take On the Big Guys Without an Experienced Attorney at Your Side

The key to successful civil litigation is to take proper precautions from the start. The Law Offices of Brian T. Berry never hesitates, quickly providing:

  • Evidence Evaluation - We gather and interpret witness statements, hospital reports, forensic records, and any other evidence relevant to your case.
  • Opposition Interactions - We handle all meetings with the opposition’s lawyers, and will accompany you if you ever have to meet them. We prepare you for depositions and trial testimony so that the strengths in your case are highlighted.
  • Administrative Action - As a civil litigation law firm, we make sure to file your case correctly and on time, preventing administrative problems from complicating an otherwise solid lawsuit.

Through these services, the Law Offices of Brian T. Berry starts your case out on a sure footing. This reduces the chances that opposing lawyers have to derail your suit, raising your odds of success.

Get the Compensation You Deserve for a Faulty Product

Faulty products can cost you in multiple ways. If the product’s failure injured you, its manufacturer is responsible for your health expenses. If it prevented your company from doing business, the creators should compensate you for lost production. Our team takes these and all other costs into account when calculating your losses from a defective product, and makes sure you receive every last cent.


Civil Litigation Attorney Allen Park MI | Law Offices of Brian T. Berry - practice-areas-civil-litigation-fair-trial-courtroomWrongfully Denied Insurance Coverage? You Deserve a Fair Trial

We effectively advocate for businesses that have been wrongfully denied insurance coverage. If you have a claim under a commercial general liability policy, property insurance policy, or business interruption policy, we will help with your proof in loss statements, examinations under oath, and litigating to get you the compensation you deserve.

Did Your Experience Personal Injury? You Deserve Fair Treatment

We have successfully recovered damages from a hospital, food vendor, auto insurance company, supermarket, and government agency to name a few types of big businesses. If you have suffered physical or psychological injury due to the negligence of another person, company, or government agency, call us so that we may fight for your compensation.

For more information on civil litigation in the Detroit area, contact the Law Offices of Brian T. Berry today!