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Get the Support You Need from an Experienced Business Lawyer Based in Allen Park, MI

Business Law Attorney Allen Park MI | Law Offices of Brian T. Berry - practice-areas-business-disputes-lawyer-briefcaseFrom Retail to Real Estate and Construction to Investing, No Form of Business is Immune from Legal Disputes

Whether you are the subject of the dispute or are taking action against someone else, legal challenges can be long, expensive, and stressful for everyone involved. The Law Offices of Brian T. Berry is committed to keeping your legal burden to a minimum. As a small business attorney team based in Allen Park, MI, we provide firms throughout the Detroit area with experienced, effective legal support.

Protect the Future of Your Business – Hire a Lawyer Versed in Entity Formation

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is particularly true when it comes to business disputes. If you form your business properly from the beginning, you will have a clear sense of your rights and are thus less likely to find yourself in real legal trouble. As a small business law firm with extensive experience in company formation, we know exactly how to ensure that your business is formed correctly. With our help, you can start your firm out on a strong legal footing, reducing the risk of problems down the road.

An Experienced Lawyer Can End a Contract Dispute in Your Favor

From purchase and sale agreements to non-disclosure documents, business contracts are often subject to legal disputes. The more complicated the contract, the easier it is for disagreements to arise and the harder it is to resolve them. The Law Offices of Brian T. Berry knows how to break down even the most complicated agreements into understandable terms. By gaining a clear sense of the contract terms, we can make your rights clear and ensure that they are upheld.

Having Trouble with Your Landlord or Tenant? Choose an Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Whether you’re leasing commercial or residential properties, landlords are best served if their rights are recognized and enforced. Our team of qualified real estate attorneys will carefully draft or examine your lease making sure the agreement favors our client. If a contract contains ambiguities, we have a clear sense of Michigan’s real estate precedent and can use this knowledge to clear misunderstandings to eliminate future litigation.

Making a Big Investment? Have a Qualified Attorney Review Your Purchase Agreement

Whenever you are purchasing or selling a business, it is essential that you understand all your rights and obligations. Failing to review the agreement in full leaves you vulnerable to countless risks and costs, potentially turning a lucrative venture into a financial dead end. Our business lawyers have experience with even the most complicated purchase, finance, and security agreements. We make sure you understand the entire closing package and help you to avoid hidden or undisclosed defects, allowing you to assess the risk accurately and determine whether the venture is right for you.

Don’t let legal uncertainty put your business at risk. For support and advice from expert attorneys, contact the Law Offices of Brian T. Berry today.